• Bridal Couture 2018
  • The Muse of Mirrors
  • A Parasian Symphony
  • Serenades of Spring
  • Wonderland
  • The Princess' Soirée

    The collection borrows from ancestral stories of the designers’ families from the late 1800s. It features European details, Victorian inspirations and Baroque decorations amalgamated with rich Indian heritage.
    The Princess' Soirée
  • The Merchant Princess

    We paint the unheard story of the Merchant Princess through the grandeur of ancestral roots, eclectic architecture and picturesque panorama of lush gardens.
    The Merchant Princess
  • Fragrant Winds

    A fresh take on a fantastical wilderness the collection ties their signature romantic feel with charming Indian silhouettes.
    Fragrant Winds
  • Shaahibaug

    Inspired by royal gardens of India, the collection is inspired by hereditary oil paintings with a melange of silhouettes, colours and crafts for the modern day bride
  • Enchanted Forest

    Taking inspiration from the magical forests of yore that we have all read about in fairytales the collection is predominantly defined through the use of sheer fabrics, intricate and whimsical patterns, exceptional hemlines, sleeves and necklines and voluminous, floor-sweeping silhouettes.
    Enchanted Forest
  • Indian Bridal Week Collection

    A repertoire of handcrafted techniques and traditional craft forms have been used reaffirm the preservation of couture as an industry. Fine hand embroidery techniques of Zardosi, Aari, Dabka and Peeta in appliqued style come together to give a distinct wedding collection where tradition is kept alive and appealing.
    Indian Bridal Week Collection
  • Grand Finale IIJW

    Inspired by their muse who is a craft-loving connoisseur of period and vintage fashion with modern day sensibilities; who is globetrotting diva or a fashion forward bride, this collection brings designs that would make heads turn anywhere in the world.
    Grand Finale IIJW
  • A Little Romance

    An ode to romance in the avant-garde globally appealing couture touches, this is a stunning collection drawing romantic inspiration and influences from period Europe.
    A Little Romance
  • Eternal

    This design collection is an alluring coalescence of colors, silhouettes & embroideries inspired by the regal era but designed for modern day weddings making it a collectors treasure and a wearer’s fantasy come true.
  • A Mystical Garden

    A versatile collection that is inspired by vintage spring floral and festivities to give a borderline fairy tale feel.
    A Mystical Garden
  • The Royal Procession

    A collection inspired from the glory of India’s regal kingdoms depicting the designers’ interpretation of 16th century royal couture.
    The Royal Procession
  • The Maharaja

    A collection inspired by the grandeur of the king’s court in ancient India; it symbolizes authority and affluence in its colours, cuts and embellishments.
    The Maharaja